Waterfalls on the Road to Hana: Twin Falls

Twin Falls, on the Road to Hana, Maui

Twin Falls, on the Road to Hana, Maui

Twins falls is located a short walk away from Mile Marker 2 on the Hana Highway, about 40-45 minutes from Kahului. Several other small falls are located at this stop, but the primary falls runs over a cave-like overhang that is richly festooned with local flora.

These accessible, picturesque waterfalls offer a large shallow pool at their base. You can take a relaxing swim, or swing from a long rope into the cool water, when the water is deep enough. The many hiking trails around the falls offer many photo and exploratory opportunities, including a hand-dug rock tunnel, and an old rock masonry weir. 

The nearby Twin Falls Farm Stand, run by the family owned and operated bio-diverse Wailele Farm, offers locally-grown fruit, cold smoothies, juice, coconut candies and other delicious treats at the entrance to the falls. Wailele Farm focuses on restoration and preservation and is committed to planting multi-use crops. It maintains the integrity of Twin Falls, removing invasive plants and replacing them with indigenous and endemic plants, and keeping facilities clean and safe for their many visitors. Funds raised through the fruit stand go to support upkeep and maintenance of the Twin Falls area.

High water or flash-flooding may be present at Twin Falls during periods of heavy rainfall. Warning signs are often posted at the entry gate during these times, and our guides will notify you if there are any unsafe conditions during your visit.