Best Things to do on Maui: Visit the Haiku Mill

The Haiku Mill is a stunning property located on Maui’s north shore, off the scenic Road to Hana. Here Old World Europe combines with tropical Hawaiian splendor, unmatched beauty and elegance, and enchanting history.

In 1879, after years as a center of sugar production, the Mill was abandoned.  It was left for over a century to gently decay into ruin. Vines and lush vegetation grew and covered the thick stone walls. Together, this provided a framework for the beautiful structure we see today. 

Pursuing a childhood dream of having “a castle that was so enchantingly beautiful, that people’s spirits were lifted just by its existence,” owner Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr moved to Maui in 2009 to devote her attention to the Haiku Mill.  Today, her childhood dream has become reality for visitors from all over the world. With a love for the romantic beauty of Europe, and her sharp eye for old-world treasures, Sylvia has raised a castle from the ruins of an old sugar mill, alive with the spirit of Aloha.

Guests today are treated to an enthralling mix of French-inspired décor, vine-draped ruins and spectacular tropical flora. A stroll beneath the Mill’s archway feels like a romantic trip back in time.

From botanical tours of its spectacular mango groves, gardens and floral arrangements; to elegant displays of historical relics; to interactive farm-to-table chef’s dinners featuring innovative meals featuring locally-sourced ingredients; to the wide range of tropical fruits growing on its property, including limes, bananas, lilikoi, starfruit, eggfruit, breadfruit and more; Haiku Mill is a must-visit for both residents and visitors.