Best Places to Eat on Maui: Duke’s Beach House

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, the first of six sons and three daughters of Duke and Julia Kahanamoku. At the age of 21 he won his first Olympic gold medal, then went on to represent the United States in the Olympics for 20 years, winning both medals and the hearts of people all over the world. He is remembered not just for his speed as a swimmer, for his grace in the water, but also his good humor and sportsmanship.

Duke’s Beach House features live entertainment, and sources ingredients from over twenty local farms on Maui. Growing Future Farmers is a Maui chef-driven initiative, raising money to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Duke’s commitment to “Farm to Fork” dining allows guests to experience a locally sourced meal and support local Maui farmers and their families.

Duke’s breakfast menu will get you off to a great start! It features fresh Island Fruit and cereals, traditional island favorites like Kahuna Pancakes (Tsumani Sized), Banana and MacNut Pancakes, Omlets, and Eggs Hawaiian Style. For dinner, start off with Crab & Macnut Wontons, Poke Tacos, or Panki Crusted Calamari. The lunch and dinner menus have a wide range of choices, from field, farm, to fish, with fresh Hawaiian fish available according to their season in keeping with Hawaiian fishing traditions, sustainability practices and respect for the sea (kai).   

Don’t leave without trying Kimo’s Original Hula Pie®. Hula Pie is made with macadamia nut ice cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts.