Best Things to do on Maui: Chocolate Tasting Tours

Aloha in a Chocolate Bar

Hana Gold Plantation was founded in 1978 by Robert and Francine Frost to deliver a superior gourmet chocolate crafted from natural Hawaiian ingredients. Hana Gold Cacao Plantation chocolate is crafted on site, using only the finest Hawaiian ingredients. Hana Gold chocolates are handcrafted from all-natural Hawaiian ingredients using environmentally conscious processes.  

Hana Gold chocolate can be found at Down to Earth and Sweet Paradise Chocolate in Wailea.

Maui Chocolate Tours

At a small farm in Huelo, near the beginning of the Road to Hana, there is a small farm that grows both vanilla and cacao. Cacao trees can produce up to 50 pods per year, and each pod has enough cocoa beans inside to make about one bar of chocolate. Vanilla flowers must be pollinated in the early morning by hand. Once pollinated, the plant forms long clusters of pods or beans. The pods take months to mature and they must then be cured to make vanilla beans.

The Maui Chocolate Tour takes approximately two hours. You will see cacao trees, learn how they grow, are harvested and processed, and join in the process of grinding roasted cacao beans into edible chocolate. Included in the tour is a guided tasting where you can sample unique chocolates, including rare Hawaiian varieties.