Best Things to do on Maui: Visit Hāna Ranch

Hana Ranch Chef Gary Johnson Farmhouse Lunch

Hana Ranch Chef Gary Johnson Farmhouse Lunch

Hāna Ranch is a working cattle ranch on 3,600 acres in Hāna, Hawaiʻi. The Hāna Ranch aims to be a responsible steward of the land, a regenerative and sustainable business, actively working to make the land and community better. The focus of the Hāna Ranch is on sustainable agriculture that enriches the land and provides healthy, fresh food for the people of Hāna, Maui, and Hawai’i.

Cattle ranching on Maui originally dates to 1830 when King Kamehameha I brought in cowboys from the mainland. Herds of cattle had been running wild since Captain George Vancouver gifted them in 1793. Many of those original ranches, including Hāna Ranch, are still in operation. The ranch and hotel, originally part of the same property, were sold several times, and eventually the hotel was renamed Travaasa Hāna.

The centerpiece of Hāna Ranch is a grass-fed herd with 1,500 cattle. Their presence helps control invasive species, improves soil fertility, and keeps the grasslands healthy. Hāna Ranch grass-fed beef is available locally under the Maui Cattle Company label, a local co-op with five other Maui ranches.

Hana Ranch Farmhouse Lunch

Looking for a private dining experience at the ranch? Hāna Ranch offers meals prepared using local ingredients at the Hāna Ranch farmhouse. These delicious meals include access to the farmhouse, a full-service meal by a their private chef, non-alcoholic drinks, tip and a private farm tour at the ranch. Alcohol is not included, though guests are able to bring their own.

The Hāna Burger Food Truck

The Hāna Burger Food Truck is open for lunch daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Current menu items include a fresh fish sandwich, farm salads, the signature Hāna Burger with grass-fed beef, house-made pickles, refreshing fresh fruit smoothies and more. All items can be enjoyed at picnic tables with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, or packed to go. Buns, sauces, salads and sides are made from scratch using the Ranch’s own organic produce.